Since 1955, Gürgenler has manufactured flange, elbow, tee, reduction, caps, forged fitting materials for oil and natural gas pipelines, refinery and petro chemistry facilities, nuclear power and electricity production plants, refinement and extrication plants, dams and hydroelectric power plants and shipbuilding industry.

Gürgenler company’s fitting equipments experience continues through the manufacturing of spool and fabrication; Pipe Spool Fabrications, Extrication Units, Heating Units, Heat Exchanger Groups, Pressure Vessels, Special Welding Fabrications. Gürgenler Inc. is the very first within the sector by the manufacturing of pipe fitting pieces and fabrication since the company’s superior technology in world standards and quality. In Turkey and abroad, Gürgenler Inc. is preferred by many firms. Gürgenler is one of the special manufacturers in Turkey and in the world with the expert staff in engineering’s subject and more than14,000 product range.

Manufacturing activity continues in 32,000 square meter open area 12,000 square meter factory and administrative building area.

Gürgenler Company has a capacity of fulfilling all the demands of the sector through the manufacture of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and specific steel groups.

The capacity of 10.000 tons / year, Gürgenler has % 40 export rates and Gürgenler’s direct and regular exporting includes 66 countries.

Containing a combination of young and highly qualified team of 150 people, in fitting products sector, GUR’s 4th large investment in machinery minimizes Turkey’s dependence on the basis of the country import by 2012. By this investment, the company produces flange and special fitting equipments for Wind Towers.

The capacity of Machine Park is capable of producing necessary equipments even for the 180 meter-long towers and in its subject, the machine park project is the hugest and the technological investment in Turkey.

Within GUR LAB establishment, all natural gas and oil pipelines, refineries, petro-chemical plants and all steel productions, chemical analysis, mechanical tensile and creep-rupture tests, hardness tests, impact tests, UT, MT, and MPI tests, hydrostatic tests are performed together.

As a manufacturer company, Gürgenler Inc. owns the documents of CE, PED, AD2000, EN 3834, TSE and ISO 9001. Gürgenler Inc. gives test certificate, which are compliant to EN 10204 3,1B and contains physical and chemical testing.

Gürgenler Inc. is the certified supplier of SHELL , PETROFAC , MOBIL , SOCAR , SABIC , BP , TUPRAŞ ,BOTAŞ, İGDAŞ , DSİ , EGO and UNICEF. Besides, Gürgenler Inc. is in the Certified Firm in the list of SASAD.

Every other day to renew its structure, Gürgenler is proud of introducing the brand “Made in TURKEY” to the world.