GUR GGN began proceeding within Gürgenler group in 2005. GUR GGN transforms the production of pipe fitting equipments into spool and fabrication.

In production range, GUR GGN provides pipe spool fabrications, steam boiler and equipment, extrication units, heating units, heat exchanger groups, pressure vessels and special welding fabrications.

ASMES stamp and U stamp studies are continuing and the certification will be completed in the first half of 2013.

GUR GGN has 30 people expert staff and exports to 12 countries, especially Middle East.

For more detailed information:

Pipe spool fabrications, Oxygen and steam lines, Steam boiler and equipment, Extrication units, Heating units, Heat exchanger groups, Pressure vessels and Special welding fabrications

Pipe spool fabrications
Oxygen and steam lines
Steam boiler and equipment
Extrication units
Heating units
Heat exchanger groups
Pressure vessels
Special welding fabrications